Fall Prevention Program 

Learn evidence-based strategies and design a fall program prevention that will be implemented in your workplace or community to reduce and prevent falls.
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zero Patient falls Program

What you'll learn

This comprehensive program will guide you through key skills necessary to develop and implement an evidence-based fall prevention program. The program will have you develop competencies and provide you with ample opportunities to practice as well as support you. 


By the end of your experience in this certification program, you will be able to:

Identify a spectrum of risk factors within your clinical setting that increases the risk of falls. 
Identify and categorize the different patients based in their level of risk  
Identify the elements of a robust evidence-based fall prevention programs
Understand the science of improvement and apply its principles 
Utilize the principles of science of improvement to develop a robust fall prevention program
Reflect on areas of patient safety and fall prevention.  

When you pass coursework and your elective project and you have  met all specifications for the course,  you will receive a certificate of completion which you can display on LinkedIn and for your professional portfolios to get further recognition from your employer and the field.


Program -At- A-Glance 

Cohort-based learning will be adopted for this program. Both both synchronous and asynchronous model of learning will be utilized. The learners will follow the following path for them to become certified. 

Phase 1: Foundation

Both synchronous and asynchronous learning will be utilized for this phase of learning. The learners will be introduced to the core competencies on fall prevention. Instructors will model a spectrum of teaching methods to provide learners with the opportunity to practice and receive both instructor and peer feedback. 

At week two, the students will begin to identify an elective project on to zero patient falls to conduct during the second phase. Each student will be required to develop a concept paper on their project which has to be approved before they can progress to phase II. Each Plan is required to plan a minimum of 3-5 hrs./wk. for study, project conceptualization etc. 

Live sessions will be held every Saturday from 7pm-8pm East Africa Time for one month.

Phase 2:  Elective Project 

After completing phase one, each student will have to be involved in an elective project which he or she will show case what they have learnt. Each student will if needed will both a one on one coaching session with their instructor. Each student will be required to dedicate Approx. 3-5 hrs./wk. for two months. Once the student completes the project, he or she will be present his or her project before a panel who will critic the project and give feedback. 

Stage 2: Program Capstone 

Once you are done with your phase 1 and phase 2 you wi

Who Should Apply

This program involves both synchronous and asynchronous model of learning. Where the learners will access learning  

Quality Improvement Leads

Who want to develop and implement an evidence-based fall prevention program 

Team Leaders & Managers

Who want to have implement zero falls program in their units 

Doctors & Nurses 

Who want to level up their expertise in fall prevention 


Phase I

June 1 - June 30

Synchronous and Asynchronous learning begins.

Phase II

July 5 -  Aug 28

Elective Projects begins 

Phase III

Sep 1 - Dec 10

Program Capstone begins

Apply Today 

Certification Fee: $2,500* (Includes all coursework,  one- on- one consultation with our course instructor(s), and facilitator portfolio evaluation).

Applications are due May 10, 2023 5pm EAT.

Applicants will be notified of a decision no later than May 17, 2023.

Begin your life-changing  and by becoming the Zero Patient Fall Program in your work.

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