Our mission is to promote and advocate for excellence in healthcare through innovation, medical education, research, professional development, leadership and community empowerment. 

We are the leading Online Platform for Health care providers  

Our Vision is to be to be a centre of excellence in healthcare innovation, healthcare research, professional development, medical education, capacity building, and community empowerment.   

Our Core Values  


We shall endeavor to develop and uphold trusting relationships and an ethical reputation for those whom we serve (students, faculty, employees, community, business, other educational institutions, government). We shall be respectful, honest and sincere, fair and responsible, meet our commitments and obligations and remain true to our mission and vision. 


We shall always strive to consistently produce exceptional results that please those we serve. We shall remain accountable via continuous evaluation and adapting changes in our services, processes and programs as needful to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, quality and stability. In addition, we shall continue to be proactive and innovate to provide superior learning experiences and services as we remain focused on our clients and ensure their needs are met as well inoculate the culture of continuous improvement, lifelong learning and growth. 


We shall strive to continuously adapt to our changing world to meet the need of our clients by offering appropriate, significant educational services; being flexible and willing to change; establishing, demonstrating our versatility for continued success, anticipating and capitalizing on opportunities for growth and success and taking an appropriate risk that will result in learning, growth and success. 


We shall promote and foster a safe and secure learning environment that will promote and uphold the personal and intellectual growth of our clients as we shape them to take up future roles in improving the ever-changing world. We shall promote equality, fairness, dignity, and respect of all those we serve, inoculate inclusivity in our curriculum as well as the services we offer, foster educational practices that support a variety of learning styles for each learner, promote the culture of openness, as well as adopt an environment that promotes belonging and acceptance and promotes participation, involvement and collaboration and well as promote teamwork and empowerment of all. 


We shall endeavor to remain on the top by advocating for healthcare excellence through innovation, continues improvement, research and development  


We shall endeavor to uphold high standards of professionalism in work, with our partners and or stakeholders. 

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